Soulja Boy and his girlfriend, Nia Riley, posted pictures on Instagram showing the world that they are still going strong after their relationship is tested early on in season two of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The show is only two episodes into the season and Nia is already dealing with Soulja’s infidelity, this time with her ex-bestfriend/roommate who she introduced to her man a while back.

Nae McMillan

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley’s relationship has received a ton of scrutiny since their appearance on season one of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The show gave viewers an inside look on the couple’s personal problems including infidelity and a miscarriage. Now that season two has rolled back around many question how the couple has managed to remain together as the same problems unfold again.

Soulja and Nia aren’t giving in to doubters and have posted photos of themselves all cozied up, just in case anyone is wondering what their relationship status is.

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