IFWT_Ciara Russell breakup

The Seattle Seahawks are 0-2 to start the season and fans have been going in on Ciara, saying her relationship with quarterback Russell Wilson is the cause for their losses.  Well one fan did more than flood Ciara’s Twitter mentions, he decided to create a GoFundMe account to help end their relationship.

Here’s their description and reason for creating campaign:

After seeing how great Future Hendrix career has been since Ciara broke up with him. We think the same thing can happen to Russell Wilson again!!

After his wife cheated on him he won his first Super Bowl. We’re certain his next big breakup will encourage a rebound of epic proportions.

So to do this we’re gonna get Ciara’s career back on track so she has no time to be in a relationship. Donate to save our Seahawks!!

Harsh folks, harsh…


The GoFundMe account has since been deleted by the site.  The creator received some backlash on Twitter, check out his tweets in the gallery above.

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