While many of us share the same sentiments as Nevada State Senator, Tick Segerblom, I think it is safe to say that we didn’t expect support of Nick Diaz to come from someone in a government office. Nick Diaz has been suspended from the UFC for testing positive for marijuana for the third time. His suspension will last for 5 years. SMH.


Nick Diaz has already received support from fellow UFC fighter Ronda Rousey–who also said the suspension was BS–and now he is receiving support from a state senator. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is known to be inconsistent with punishment to those who violate terms. I can recall a boxer by the name of Antonio Margarito who was suspended for only one year after he was caught packing his gloves–an offense that could actually cause serious harm to an opponent. However, Diaz is being suspended for using marijuana, a drug that is legal for recreational use in several states and recognized medicinally in Nevada.

According to state senator, Segerblom, “I think what they did was totally inappropriate. Marijuana is a recognized medicine in the Nevada constitution so how can you punish someone for taking medicine, particularly since it doesn’t enhance your ability to fight?” His questions surrounding the UFC suspension terms mirrors pretty much mirrors everyone’s except Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

Giving the UFC the benefit of the doubt, Diaz did know what the terms would be if he violated terms when he tested positive for marijuana earlier this year. Even still, a five year suspension seems to be a bit much considering it is not like Diaz was doing coke or heroin.