“Did you see the Emmy’s last night?” NO the real question is did you see the new Apple Music commercial last night? What’s better than having the Queen of Hip Hop, Mary J. Blidge and the stars of the two hit shows Empire Taraji P. Henson and Scandal Kerry Washington, come together for an advertisement for Apple Music. The dope commercial which quickly went viral and became a sensation, showed the ladies getting together at Mary’s house, and then having a full-on dance party in the living room. #SquadGoals foreal. Check out the video and more on the commercial inside.

Shanelle Hines

The award winning singer introduced them to Apple Music’s “For You” feature, which recommends songs based on your stated preferences and listening history. Kerry cleverly states,

“It’s like you have a boyfriend that makes you a mix tape in your laptop.”

That’s when the throwbacks start playing, and the three ladies get down to the beat, dancing, rapping lyrics and cheering.