Looks like ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ is failing in the ratings; possibly. His father is now his mother, one sister is being passed around the hood … I could go on. It’s so bad that Kris Jenner offered her step-son $500,000 for his return to the E! reality television series. Good deal, right. WRONG.

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A 28-year-old Rob is … well, he ain’t havin’ it. A source tells Radar Online that “he isn’t ready to film KUWTK. He doesn’t know if he ever wants to return to the show.” The source continues, “He hates how fake it is and how phony his sisters and mom act. He is ready to branch out beyond the reality show.”

I mean, can you blame him? Rob has better things to worry about; things like his health.

“Rob finally got serious about his fitness and most importantly, dealing with his mental health issues,” says the source.

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Good for you Rob. I mean, a half a million is a helluva lot of bucks, however, risking your comfort and self is not worth it. Keep on doing you … behind the scenes.