Caitlyn Jenner on Halloween costumes

Caitlyn Jenner has been on the edge over the possibility that she MIGHT have to spend some time behind bars for the fatal car accident she was involved in a few months ago that left one woman dead. However, it looks like she is in the clear.

The D.A. is not looking like they plan to prosecute Jenner due to the fact that they do not find her actions “criminal” per say, but more so negligent. The people making the final decision are also depending on the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. to see their thoughts on the issue – and thus far they’ve felt the same.

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However the only thing that could send Caitlyn away. If Jackie Lacey, the actual D.A., wants to ignore all of the conclusions and come to her own, everyone who has ruled the incident an accident and non-criminal can be completely null and void. However, it’s not looking like that’s going to be the case for Ms. Jenner.

Source: TMZ