A Rikers Island inmate who goes by the name Jesse Blount beat the brakes off of Elizabeth Sturdivant, a female corrections officer in the facility.

Pictures surfaced of Sturdivant looking completely bloodied up with a face full of bruises. Blount was quoted in the criminal report that was filed against him saying, “I’m going to forget you are a female and knock you out.”

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Patrick Ferraioulo, the President of the Correction Captains Association who represents Sturdivant, addressed the issue at hand. “Again we have somebody beaten by an inmate and our hands are tied. It’s only going to get worse. People are afraid to defend themselves.”

According to reports, this is Blount’s second recorded attack against an officer while being locked up. SMH, looks like he won’t be getting released on good behavior any time soon.

Source: NYDailyNews