Ghostwriting is nothing new when it comes to the rap game. However, ever since Meek Mill called out Drake for allegedly getting his rhymes written for him, the issue sparked the attention of many who are not necessarily “in-the-loop” of the ghostwriting hustle.

Successful rappers Smoke Dza and Skyzoo sat down with Forbes writer Natalie Robehmed to discuss the ins and outs of ghostwriting in the hip-hop industry over a nice lunch at Streetbird Rotisserie in Harlem.

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Dza, who has written for huge names such as Sean Kingston and many others, explained that some rappers are just better at writing rather than delivering bars in the booth.

“Some emcees are just great at writing raps and they suck at writing hooks, so they might have somebody write them the hook,” he explains in detail. “It’s just the hook, but if the hook is the most important part of the song, do you call that ghostwriting?”

Get into the full video below to educate yourself on the art of ghostwriting!