Two men were found dead Wednesday (Sept 23) after a shoot out in a Compton, California. marijuana dispensary reportedly linked to rapper Chief Keef. Police are currently investigating, however the rapper claims he has no connection to the shop at all. According to his management team, the Chief Keef Glo Shop was opened by a fan who never notified the raper.

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When the L.A. Times reached out for comment about the situation Chief Keef and his manager Rovaun Manuel stated, “If it was ours, it would have a lot more class.” However, an Instagram video from almost a year ago conflicts with the rapper’s denial of affiliation.

Last year, Chief Keef announced he was going into business with ‘Wolf Da Boss'(self described “Chief Keef and Glo Gang artist.”) to open ‘GLO gang weed shop.’ The green building featured in the video strongly resembles the one featured at the scene of Wednesday’s crime.

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As of Thursday morning police were still investigating who the owner of the shop is, however have identified one of the bodies as 53 year-old Terry Brown.

Source LATimes