Lupe Fiasco called out Complex for throwing his name in an article he didn’t want to be mentioned in. See his rant after the jump.

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Lupe Fiasco is passionate about his beliefs. On his twitter he rants pretty often. Last night, Complex happened to be at the center of one of his famed rants.

The cause of the lengthy twitter speech was an article Complex wrote about “real” hip-hop fans not appreciating What A Time To Be Alive, and their incessant need to claim that lyrical hip-hop is “real rap” while other types of hip-hop is not. Lupe Fiasco’s name was thrown into the mix, as a representative for “real” hip-hop, and was pitted against Drake and Future, whom the Complex writer was attempting to defend.

Lupe Fiasco caught wind of the article, and didn’t appreciate the fact that his name was mentioned. In response to the article, Lupe wrote, “Keep Lupe name out that fuckshit…don’t make SLR you clowns…FOH.”

He continued,

If niggas don’t like that shit then they don’t fucking like it..stop caping for a backstage pass I fuck with both dem niggaz. Learn not to intercede on behalf of niggaz who don’t give two shits about you @ComplexMag and stop using REAL MC’s names in vain for likes.

He eventually targeted the writer himself, writing,

Don’t mention our names with bullshit Angel you aint did enough in rap to muddy the names of niggaz who keep it alive. Your article was distasteful and unnecessary and it was fucking wack. Speak your peace but don’t involve us bitch.

Lupe does have a point on this one.