Defensive tackle, Jay Hayes of the Notre Dame Irish is clearly not happy with the way things are going in Indiana. The sophomore took to Twitter like any college student would to express his sentiments about the football coaching staff.

See what he had to say, below!

Genny Noel

This is not the first time we’ve seen athletes use social media as a way to get attention from their coaches, and I’m sure it will not be the last. As social media continues to become a pivotal aspect in today’s society, coaches and team staff find themselves having to coach off-field lessons, as well.

Head coach for the Fighting Irish, Brian Kelly made a statement following the announcement of the suspension, saying,

“There has to be responsibility as it relates to social media and you have to think before you hit ‘send.’ What you have to do is knock on my door instead of hitting the ‘send’ button. These are good lessons to be learned. If he has a job at Google and he talks about his boss that way, he’s probably not going to have a job the next day. You try to use them as life lessons.”

He also went on to say that he spoke to Hayes and that the DT understand where he went wrong.

Between money management and social media etiquette, it is so crucial for young players to utilize the workshops and classes that are required by the NFL when newcomers are drafted to the league. One has to wonder if the classes should start in college as a way to avoid situations like this one.

Hayes will miss games against UMASS and Clemson due to the small rant.