New Orleans quarterback, Drew Brees has always been completely overlooked when talking about the best QB’s in the league. This weekend, we’ll all get to see how crucial he is to the Saint’s offense as he will not be playing Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.


Brees is suffering from a bruised rotator cuff (similar to that of Kobe Bryant) in his right arm. With their starting QB’s throwing arm under repair, head coach for the Saint’s, Sean Payton did not hesitate to give Brees the healing time he needs.

Veteran and back-up QB, Luke McCown will start in this week’s matchup.

Payton did not say how long the start QB would be out for,but he did mention that it was a collective decision.

“I think he felt — I think we all felt — like it would be too early, him playing this weekend.”

This would be the first time Brees sits out due to injury.

Ironically, McCown starred in a commercial ad for Verizon explaining how if backups had the chance, they would shine. He was talking about phone backups,but now he will have his chance to shine on the field, as well. Check out the commercial, below!