Although Deontay won this fight but TKO, it was not an easy battle for him, simply put. His opponent Johann Duhaupas definitely did not have a glass jaw and did not touch the mat after taking a series of head shots; however, the referee in the match had to stop the fight in the 11th round. Check out the clip!


The last good fight we were able that featured Deontay was against another fan favorite Eric Molina. That fight almost went the distance until the 9th round where Deontay proved to be too much for Eric. In similar fashion, fights that Deontay should be capitalizing in, he tends to make them somewhat harder for himself. Last night’s fight against Johann Duhaupas went 11 rounds but it definitely could have been over sooner. For instance, unlike his fight against Eric Molina who went down several times, Duhaupas would not back down after getting hit in the head so many times, Wilder should have ate up the body and broke him down that way; nonetheless, he was still victorious.

It should be noted that Deontay’s face was bruised up pretty badly as well and that just goes to show the viewers how much of a good opponent Duhaupas turned out to be. In the same breath, though, Deontay definitely went to work and left the ring 35-0.

Deontay’s 11th Round TKO…

After watching the fight, it is just hard to believe that Duhaupas never once touched the mat and that speaks volumes. One thing is for sure when it comes to Deontay Wilder, he may tend to make fights harder than they should be, but for those who really slug matches, he puts on an entertaining fight.