Fahdy and her son with Meek Mill, "Papi"

Looks like Meek Mill’s baby mama has gotten herself into some legal troubles.

27-year-old Fahimah Raheem was busted stealing $17 worth of food from ShopRite back in September of 2014. Security at the store caught her stealing two $6.99 containers of hot food from the buffet area and a $2.50 bag of frozen pineapples while doing a food shop with her two sons.

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She used her ShopRite Price Plus card – which allowed the police to track her down – when she used the self check-out feature to pay for some of her items, but the stolen ones she slickly put in another bag and walked right out of the store.

At first, she denied ever being in ShopRite and said that someone else was using her Price Plus card. However, video surveillance doesn’t lie. She then asked if she could just pay ShopRite back the $17, but the store wanted to press charges on the rapper’s BM.

Fahdy plead guilty to stealing the food in court and has been hit with two years probation, 24 hours of court-mandated community service and to pay the $17.32 back to the popular grocery store chain. She was also charged with stealing on two other occasions in 2004 and 2010, so it is not a completely new thing for the Philly native.


Source: Bossip