Momma Dee's mug shot

Over the weekend, Lil Scrappy’s mother, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star Momma Dee, was arrested at a Milwaukee restaurant for allegedly dining and dashing on a $500 bill.

She was later released after posting a $250 bail, and told TMZ that she’d been in the bathroom when the rest of her party left, and when she arrived back at the table, she was “bombarded” by restaurant managers and cops for skipping on the bill. At that point, she offered to pay for her portion but refused to pay for the others, and that’s when she was taken in.

Today she appeared before a judge on the matter, and has reportedly been found not guilty. Momma Dee has since issued a statement – thanking fans and friends for sticking by her – including Scrappy’s one-time side piece, Shay Johnson. Interesting! Check out the post in the gallery.

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Source: LifeIsTremendez