Two stars from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood have decided to get matching tats. Milan Christopher and Miles Brock went ahead and decided to prove their love with ink. For those who may not know, Milan and Miles are a gay couple on the Love and Hip Hop. Check out the photo inside.

Shanelle Hines

Mile was on-and-off with his high school sweetheart, Amber and the new reality star admitted to pushing her away after falling in love with his new boyfriend, Milan. Miles quotes

“Truth is, I’ve been pushing Amber away for a reason. I fell in love with somebody else. I now I need to tell her the truth but at the end of the day hurting Amber is one of the hardest things I’ma ever have to do in my life. I know the time is coming for me to tell her he truth. Today, I’m just not ready.”

The upcoming rapper Miles says that he wants fans to accept him and admits that he is extremely nervous about what would come once the show airs,

“I know how I want to be seen, but to be honest I don’t know how people are going to judge me. Hopefully they don’t judge me too much. Opening my life to the world is extremely nerve-wracking. It makes me nervous, frustrated, I get anxiety from this sh*t but it is what it is and I’m happy I’m doing it.”

It was said that fellow cast mates such as Omarion, Soulja Boy, Mally Mal and Ray J weren’t too excited about Milan being on the show. Sources revealed that the guys refuse to shoot scenes with Christopher and will not show up to club events where he’s present at. The men explain that it is not for his sexual preference but because he hasn’t done much in the rap lane.

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