It has definitely been rough times for all of you Knicks fans out there. The Knicks went 17-65 last season, good enough for the second worst record in the NBA, and with the new additions to the team’s roster, they look to build on those 17 wins. However, the star player for New York, Carmelo Anthony, says he currently has no expectations for his squad.


Giving Carmelo Anthony the benefit of the doubt, he cannot truly have too many expectations for this new squad in New York. As Melo points out, they have not played together yet; but they will start practicing tomorrow. Phil Jackson has revamped the roster in New York and on paper, it looks somewhat promising. New faces on the team will include, Robin Lopez, Aaron Aflalo, and Kristaps Porzingis and to say the least, these are decent additions.

However, when talking about the Knicks and how they look on paper versus the actual outcome, the results are drastically different. Unfortunately, the Knicks cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to getting the job done during the regular season and after last season’s intentional tanking efforts, we saw that plan did not shift in their favor either.

Where does this live New York then? Well, they still have a star player in Carmelo Anthony who is free of injury and is not currently restricted due to rehab limitations as well as having the great basketball mind that is Phil Jackson. If not anything else, it will be interesting to see how Phil Jackson works with his completely renovated ship of the New York Knicks.