Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez

Twin brothers Robin and Brook Lopez love to roast each other as any siblings do and now that both of them are playing in New York, for the Knicks and Nets respectively, the two will have plenty more opportunities to go in on each other.

Brook took his chance to roast Robin when Robin first joined the Knicks giving this interview on WFAN:

Q. Did you help recruit your brother to the Knicks?

A. I did help recruit my brother to the Knicks, but as a non-Knicks supporter I helped recruit him there. I think he’s going to be a detriment to them, absolutely.

Q. You have always gotten the better of him in head-to-head matchups, so maybe that’s another reason, right?

A. Right, absolutely. I’m kind of the Robin Lopez Kryptonite, and there’s a lot of Robin Lopez Kryptonite in the world.

Q. Will you guys consider living together here in New York City?

A. I’ve been telling a few people I’m going to, first off, charge him rent definitely. I’m going to kind of go the Harry Potter route, like the Dursleys kept Harry Potter under the staircase in the cupboard. Something like that….

Q. Is there anything that Robin Lopez does better than you?

A. He loses better than I do. I know that. That came to me right away.

Now Robin was able to fire back at his brother during media, via Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal:

Robin Lopez: “The only downside of coming here is that I’m gonna have to see my brother more.”

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