Sanaa Lathan covers the latest issue of 360 Magazine. Rocking skin-tight red leather, garter belts and lace, it’s no wonder why she has the men going insane.

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In the magazine’s current issue, Lathan, who has recently been linked to French Montana, explains her role in The Perfect Guy as well as her journey into finding her own.

“It definitely was outside of my comfort zone. It was really a wonderful kind of role, in terms of the fact that I got to play so many colors,” that actress says of her role as Leah Vaughn.

“I’ve had relationships where I’d had a certain idea about somebody and then they turned out to be something completely different from what I thought. I certainly have not had anything close to what Leah has experienced with Carter [the character Michael Ealy plays].

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While Lathan, 44, doesn’t believe that anyone is perfect, she does have the ideal type of guy for herself.

“For me, it’s somebody who has integrity; somebody who is easy to laugh, to have fun; somebody who’s passionate about something in this world; and somebody who is a great communicator.”