NORTH CAROLINA … Petey Pablo has made a $14,800 come up after making a lockdown cameo on Empire, episode two of season two.

Get the details down bottom.

JaaiR (JR)
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On this week’s episode of Empire, Lucious (Terrance Howard) turned a broom closet into a full on studio; a studio where he and Pablo’s character (another inmate) created the “Snitch Bitch” track. Since his real life 2014 release from prison, it seems as though the “Raise Up” rapper has been living under a rock, but instead, he’s been collecting old dues.

During an interview with WRAL-Raleigh, Pablo admits that his cameo was due to his 2005 generosity to Howard. He says that an under the influence of alcohol Howard has lost his wallet at the Hustle and Flow premiere party. Pablo loaned Howard two hundred bucks; that two hundred turned into $15,000, and it only took ten years for his payback. At least he was paid back.

I know a couple people that owes me. If this was ordinary circumstances, I would be a PAID individual! The phrase ‘as long as I owe you, you’ll never go broke’ doesn’t fit all cases; I know that for a FACT.

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