Oh boy, this is just messy!

Thursday, Nicki Minaj’s mom a.k.a. Mama Carol sent out a tweet where she labeled Fetty Wap a “devil worshiper.” She said, “There’s a song called 679. In the first 6 seconds the rapper is stating he is a devil worshiper.” The tweet was quickly deleted but not quick enough as it had already been retweeted and posted on several blogs.

Since then fans have been on Fetty Wap’s case about the ad-libs, and arguing in comments about what he actually said. To clear up the mess, Fetty clapped back at fans and set the record straight about what he says in the beginning of his hit record ‘679.’

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Fetty Wap laughed off the accusations and said, Ya gotta be the dumbest ma fuckas ever Lmao…it say “Remyboy Lifestyle.” However fans, were still unsatified with his repose pointing out that AZ Lyrics heard “devil worshiper” too.

Click here to listen to the record closely and let us know what Fetty Wap says.

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