There is a book out there that is accusing the University of Louisville men’s basketball team of some pretty serious things. The woman, self proclaimed “madam” Katina Powell is saying she was paid by an assistant coach to supply players and recruits with numerous women on different occasions. Head coach Rick Pitino said just a short time ago he was “as shocked as we are”.


The allegations come via a book called “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen.” She claims former staffer, Andre McGee paid her and her “staff”.

McGee was a graduate assistant under Rick Pitino from 2010-12 and then the director of basketball operations from 2012-14. Powell alleges this went on for a period of four years and more than $10,000 changed hands.

Pitino is denying any knowledge of this story but he also chose his words very carefully during his press conference that he called to address the reports. He is aware that something may have been going on behind his back.

The book alleges that over a four-year period, Powell brought women into Billy Minardi Hall – the basketball dormitory on the Louisville campus that is named after Pitino’s late brother-in-law – through a side door to entertain players and recruits. Powell also says her dancers – which included her daughters – also entertained Louisville players at other locations off-campus. After the women danced for the players for an agreed-upon sum, Powell alleges that she would negotiate a second payment for the women to have sex with the athletes.

This is a big story and will certainly affect Pitino’s program if any of the allegations are proven true. He is holding onto the theory that the woman just wanted to make money from her book. The reality of the situation is it could be nothing or this report could only be the tip of the iceberg as investigators do their work.