Injuries are never funny in pro sports but c’mon. If you can’t find some humor with the constant injuries occurring to Derrick Rose then sorry for you. One of my favorite sports related accounts on twitter is @TheCauldron and they created a hilarious game of “Operation” featuring Derrick Rose.


Now, I realize some of you may be too young to get the joke here but if you played this game as a kid then you know what we’re talking about. D-Rose has suffered so many different injuries in his career (even some I forgot) that he is the perfect “patient” for this game.

As they noted via Sports Illustrated:

Unlike the classic game of Operation, the Derrick Rose edition is not made out of plastic, cardboard and metal. Why? Because all of those materials are too sturdy for Derrick Rose and we wanted to give an authentic gameplay experience!

All you need to do to play is print out a copy of the game board above. That’s right, the Derrick Rose Operation Board Game is paper thin, just like Rose’s real body!

Rose might wanna chill with any free agency talk that is still two years away. Teams wanna see if he can even play the next two years injury free before throwing any money at him.

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