According to reports, a man from Pennsylvania was terminated after allegedly passing too much gas in the office. This has resulted in a discrimination lawsuit that’s going to uncover some interesting details.

Man Gets Terminated For Excessive Farting

Richard Clem, a former comptroller for Case Pork Roll Company, which is based from Trenton, N.J., says, “I think it’s disgusting. This is all very embarrassing. The fact is that I was a loyal and trusted employee for 10 years.”

A federal complaint, Louann Clem, 59, charges that the Case Pork Roll Company terminated her husband Richard, 70, last year after the Trenton, New Jersey firm’s president frequently complained about her spouse’s condition. Louann Clem, whom also was an employee said that her husband, who weighed 420 pounds, underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2010. Unfortunately, this procedure led to his involuntary diarrhea and lots of gas.

“It was very dangerous. More than once, I’m arriving for work and I’m up the steps and into the bathroom right away,” he said. “You don’t hold it in. You don’t do it. You’re not going to make it. I always kept a change of clothes at work just in case.”

In the federal investigation lawsuit, Clem says President Thomas Dolan started to harass Clem and his wife when the smell of Richard’s flatulence began to circulate the work areas. “We cannot run an office and have visitors with the odor in the office,” Dolan allegedly said. “Tell Rich that we are getting complaints from visitors who have problems with the odors.”

On the same day in February, the lawsuit notes Louann “terminated her employment because of the harassment and discrimination her husband faced as a result of his disability and the resulting symptoms.”

Interesting, Clem said he only shared an office space with his wife and didn’t have to interact with visitors.

The lawyer representing Richards says, “I’m proud of my clients for being brave enough to discuss something that is personal and perhaps embarrassing and they are looking forward to the court process and will accept the results of the judicial process,”

Man Gets Terminated For Excessive Farting