Travis Scott does some strange things sometimes. Even in this case where he did what seemed to be a nice gesture for a fan, it can be taken way out of context. Check out this lucky kid who received a gift from the rapper but the contradicting reason why.

“Gave this kid my chain cause he has a rodeo tat at 14. Ur my idol kiddo”. Rodeo which was released Sept of 2015 with an action figure of himself on the cover. The problem in this case is the fact that this kid is only 14 years old. Social media is already spreading the picture saying they hope this does not start a trend of under age kids getting tattoo’d.

Travis Scott can’t seem to catch a break! I guess it’s not his fault, whoever tattoo’d the 14 year old is at fault. Let’s just give credit when credit is due to the lucky kid who walked off with a hot new chain. I wonder how much the chain was worth?!

The Dutchess | Instagram