A NYPD 911 operated was arrested for making fake 911 emergency calls that sent firefighters rushing to an apartment building that they believed was locked with unattended food cooking on the stove. The truth is, she was evicted and wanted to retrieve things she’d forgotten.

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The woman, 28-year-old Joselene Brunot, had been evicted from a Brooklyn apartment where she subleased a room. She used her position as a 911 operator to get into the apartment and get the things she didn’t have a opportunity to take before her eviction.

According to officials, Brunot made her first phony 911 call on Sept. 13 sending firefighters to the apartment building where they forced the building superintendent to unlock the door. The 911 operator made a second attempt to gather the remainder of her things on Oct. 1, but this time when officials arrived to the apartment building the tenant whom Brunot rented the room from answered the door, exposing her scam.

Brunot was arrested and charged with two counts of falsely reporting an incident.

Source: NY Daily News