With a super famous father and the leading role in one of the most popular movies of 2015, it’s only right that females will flock to O’Shea Jackson, Jr. However according to the son of Ice Cube, he is completely single and free to mingle!

Ever since Straight Outta Compton hit theaters, there have been numerous speculations that O’Shea was dating basically any girl he appeared in a picture with. However, that does not appear to be the case.

A photo of O’Shea and his ex has been circulating, causing a bunch of different speculations on the internet. However O’Shea is here to tell the world that that relationship is OLD NEWS!

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O’Shea writes:

Ok I need to get some shit off my chest because I can’t wait for an interview to clear this shit up. The woman ya’ll keep posting pictures of me with ….. Is NOT my girlfriend and she hasn’t been for some time now! You mothafuckas posting pics of her and I are LATE AS FUCK. posting these old ass pictures pretending that they new because you did a little internet stalker research. Fake fuckin pages. Tagging her in shit. Whoever was on that fuckin Twitter bullshit is acting like we still together but ain’t had one back in forth convo with me. Leave her the fuck alone and leave me the fuck alone about her. Mothafuckas is really ridiculous and I’ve kept my cool and mouth shut about it but now shit is gettin out of hand. Don’t message my friend. Don’t comment on her shit. Don’t send her threats you fuckin lunatics who do. Do not further feed into the confusion that I gotta fuckin clear up because some people THINK THEY KNOW MY LIFE. fuck outta here man I’m tryna watch football!

WELL FOLKS, there you have it! That man is as single as a dollar bill!

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