It looks like the Los Angeles Police Department can’t cancel their investigation on 90s rap group Brownside because the gun they thought they saw in an Instagram video was just a plastic prop!

The rap group, who was once signed to Eazy E’s Ruthless Records, posted a video to IG with what appears to be a man flashing his gun when a LAPD car rolls up unexpectedly and exits his patrol car. According to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, he released a statement saying that the man with the gun has a prior conviction and that he may have possibly committed a crime by carrying a firearm inside of a vehicle.

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However one of the members of the group named Toker cleared the air and explained to 5-0 that the man in the video was simply his brother and that the gun was nothing more than a plastic prop they had purchased earlier that day to film their music video, “Till The Casket Drops.”

Sorry, LAPD – maybe next time!

Source: TMZ