Solange x Omarion

Well this is certainly interesting! Today is Thursday, so that means we’re subjected to tons of old photos from the people we follow on Instagram – a majority of which we really don’t care to see. No one is checking for pics from your 2007 trip to Cabo where you ran into your old college roommate, boo.

However, Solange posted a throwback photo that has everyone talking, as she revealed in the caption that she dated Omarion when they were teens! This is news enough in itself, but it also raises a great conversational piece – considering that she is married and Omarion has a longtime girlfriend, is this kind of thing considered inappropriate? Personally, I feel if all parties are cool with one another and the significant others already knew this information, there’s really no harm done. It’s clear as day that Solange and Omarion’s respective spouses have absolutely nothing to worry about, so I wouldn’t be too upset. How would you feel?

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And yes, Solange knew she was stirring the pot a bit, as she captioned the photo:

“Am I trolling, or nah? #tbt to when me and @1omarion were lil teenage boo’s , but used to have hide it because I was scared dem b2k fans would try to cut me, lol. Also, @angiebeyince and @beyonce had a hell of a couple Afros.”

Wonder if this was before or after Bow Wow, and how Omarion felt about it, considering that was his boy!

Source: LifeIsTremendez