Frat parties are generally known to get a little out of hand, especially when hazing season comes around. The members of Alpha Tau Omega have been completely shut down due to a sex-tape that was released following an alleged hazing event.

Watch the video, below!

Genny Noel

During the first semester of each year, college students engage in different fraternity/sorority events that sometimes result in newsworthy stories. Alpha Tau Omega at Indiana University has officially been shut down by the school and the national organization after a video of what looks like a sex party, hit the internet.

Two strippers were hired for the party, and the party took a turn of events when someone brought out a mattress. One of the women was thrown on the mattress and engaged in sexual acts with the frat members.

Chief executive officer of the national chapter made a statement explaining,

“Our investigation revealed that no pledge was compelled to participate. Regardless, the actions are contrary to the ideals and principles of Alpha Tau Omega and are highly offensive.”

He went on to say that the chapter is closed and had their charter revoked.

The National Fraternity also made a statement saying,

“The revocation of the charter means the chapter is closed, effective immediately and all chapter activities must cease. The National Fraternity will continue to work closely with Indiana University officials.”

This is not the first incident that the school or organization has had to deal with involving the Indiana University chapter. In 2010, 100 members were kicked out following a hazing investigation that promoted underaged drinking.

It was reported earlier today that the letters for the ATO organization have been removed from the former frat house.