If you were a teenager for The Backstreet Boys & Spice Girl era I know you’r bouncing off the walls right now! Former Backstreet Boy “AJ” got into a deep interview and started to talk about some plans they had in mind. New music plans and even rumors of starting a tour with the infamous Spice Girls. Backstreet Boys will be back in the studio as early as next week. (10/12/15)

Although certain people say they would have to see it to believe it, due to Aj’s recent years of procrastination, it does sound exciting. Spice Girls were a 5 girl group from London with awsome accents a crazy style and 5 different types of women. Ginger, Scary, Baby, Posh and Sporty Spice have attempted in the past to rekindle a tour but due to Posh (Victoria Beckem) hectic busy life it was hard to have all 5 on board.

Aj says the boys have already started making plans on some new music they have coming out. It has been about 5 years now that Aj talks about all these power moves. This is a power move you just can’t play with peoples emotions with! His interview with Rolling Stone put out the word about the Spice Girl joining them, I hope it pulls through or he will have all of these crazy fans attacking him

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