As a parent these days in such a shady discreet world you have to play very close attention. The things kids see will shape their minds and ways of life forever. With that being said you can imagine how mortified this Sacramento Mother was when she helped her son with his Pirate Lego like set, only to realize there were instructions to put a collar on a slave.

The mother of the child stated the specific instructions read “to put the cuff around the black characters neck”, there was no way to mis interpret that. After googling the object it was none other than a Slave collar. This is not the first time a type of Leggo has been called out for racism. Also on this pirate play ship was under cargo slots to place the slave character which resembled how slaves were transferred by boat in cage like spaces.

The pants were torn on the character and it was one of the only characters without any shoes on. Clear as day whoever made this set was well aware of the slave toy. The big question America faces today is whether or not the manufactures are brainwashed to think it is okay to repeat horrific events in history or was it intentionally subliminal. No one from the Company has responded but they plan on having these sets wiped off all shelves immediately.

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