According to reports, Floyd Mayweather lost a small fortune in automobiles last night as four of his cars went up in flames on a trailer while being transported. TMZ is stating the champ lost a Bentley, two Rolls Royce’s and a custom Jeep.


The truck was transporting Floyd’s rides from Vegas to Miami when something went wrong just outside of Phoenix, Arizona on October 7th at 1:31 AM and the entire unit went up in flames.

You can see in the pics, the cars were burnt to a crisp, including one of Floyd’s custom Jeeps.

It’s unclear how the fire started but Arizona State Troopers confirm the incident and say there were no injuries reported.

TMZ Sports contacted the transportation company and confirmed the cars were shipped through Obi Okeke at Luxury Fusion Motors, Floyd’s longtime car guy.

For the normal person this situation would really suck but I am sure Floyd has full coverage on all his whips, plus it’s not like he can’t afford to replace them as early as today.

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