Even with Kobe’s age and physical ailment’s, there is NO WAY IN HELL there are 92 players in the league better than him. Would you personally pick 92 players before you picked him for your squad? Of course not. The ranking’s by ESPN are so ridiculous that Kobe didn’t even want to speak on it. The world leader in sports really needs to rethink who they let publish these stupid rankings every year.


At this point of his career, Kobe doesn’t even get mad, he just laughs things off and knows people are out of their mind. Fans at the Lakers preseason game this week were shouting in defense of the Mamba, reminding him there is no way he is #93. The ranking is so absurd to him he said “nobody needs to defend that”.

When another reporter asked about the same topic, Kobe politely said “Please don’t ask me about silly stuff”

Kobe isn’t going to give something attention that he feels is nonsense to begin with. He is right, nobody has to defend his ability to anyone, especially not to some fools inside a building at ESPN.