To some this is old news but to others it is just another example of how much Lebron has been winning out here. Yesterday I wrote about how Lebron decided to end his deal with McDonald’s so he could focus on a pizza chain called “Blaze Pizza” of which he owns about 10% of the company. It got me thinking about other business deals King James has made that paid off big time.


McDonald’s contract with Bron prohibited him from using his likeness and name to endorse other food products. He has been involved with Blaze for a few years now, acquiring the rights to have the restaurants in a Chicago and Miami besides his ownership stake. Problem was Bron was restricted by his deal with Mickey D’s as far as really being able to push the brand.

He is banking on bigger long term gains with Blaze than just the endorsement money from McDonald’s and given his stature on the global level, he probably is making the right decision.

Bron has already done very well for himself in the business world. Last year when Apple bought Beats By Dre, Lebron came off with a $30 million dollar profit for his stake in the company because he was smart enough to invest and not just accept an endorsement check. Most folks assumed he was just getting paid to push the product and be in commercials but it was much bigger than that.

Aside from Blaze, James has endorsement deals with Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Audemar Piguet and Upper Deck. Clearly Bron is doing well away from the game.