Doc Rivers pissed Klay Thompson off with comments about the Warriors being lucky, so much so that Klay had to remind Doc who runs the west currently. Recently, Doc made reference to the Warriors being lucky they didn’t have to face the Clippers. “You need luck in the West,” Rivers said. “Look at Golden State. They didn’t have to play us or the Spurs. But that’s also a lesson for us: When you have a chance to close, you have to do it.” As you might expect, those comments didn’t go over well with the reigning champs.


Klay did not hold back when he shared his feelings on the Clippers and Doc’s comments.

“Didn’t they lose to the Rockets? Exactly,” Klay Thompson said Friday, laughing in reference to Houston coming from behind to beat the Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals. “That just makes me laugh. That’s funny. Weren’t they up 3-1, too? Yeah, tell them I said that. That’s funny, man.”

Walking away from reporters after his interview session, Thompson continued, “I wanted to play the Clippers last year, but they couldn’t handle their business.”

The Clippers definitely didn’t handle their business, a point Doc echoed as well. They choked so they really are in no position to talk about another team being lucky. If we are being real, the entire western conference was lucky the OKC Thunder were not at full strength, otherwise things may have been different.

Klay wasn’t finished yet, saying “If we got lucky, look at our (3-1) record against them last year. I’m pretty sure we smacked them,” Thompson said.

NBA season is right around the corner and the trash talk is already in mid season form, you gotta love it.