Did LaMarcus Aldridge make a huge mistake leaving the Portland Trailblazers for the San Antonio Spurs?? Basketball fans will say hell no but for Aldridge himself, he seems like he is already wondering if he made the wrong decision.


The regular season hasn’t even started yet but Aldridge seems very concerned with change and having to get used to new things.

I don’t really handle change well,” Aldridge confided to Bleacher Report Thursday afternoon, ticking down the hours until his San Antonio Spurs debut.

Aldridge would go on to further explain his reasoning.

“It’s been weird because I was in Portland for so long, and I kind of know the ways,” he said. “Things were a little bit tailored to me in a way. Wasn’t too much to have to figure out.”

Not exactly the confident talk you would like to see from a franchise player. He really seems worried about the new system, new location and more. Hopefully for the Spurs it’s just a little bit of jitters but he needs to get a grip on it very soon. The Spurs didn’t pay him to wish things were how they were in Portland.