Raven Symone is known to say some off the wall remarks. We all know her to be overly obnoxious at times. She clearly has no filter on that mouth of hers.


Earlier on the view, in a segment called “Are You Judged By Your Name” the panel of women talked about studies found, employers have made racial conclusions based on names alone. Raven expressed how she felt when it came to hiring people with ‘ghetto’ names. She states “she wouldn’t hire an individual with a ghetto name, it’s not going to happen”. She’s receiving a lot of backlash about it. She said all of this while sitting on stage with what appeared to be an up do in a fire red color. If that isn’t tasteless then I don’t know what is.

The statement seems to have gotten a lot of people upset with lil ol’ Raven. It is not the fault of those who happen to have a name she may not approve of. The same way some may not approve of her red hair. That’s none of my business though. If someone applies for a job and meets all the requirements, their name should be the last thing an employer is concerned about. Funny how minorities are always more judgmental against their own kind. Raven didn’t agree with people being discriminated against due to their sexuality but its ok to discriminate because of their name. You’d be surprised how many people with those same ‘ghetto’ names are intelligent and very much educated.

I guess Raven would say the name “Strawberry Flowers” is ‘ghetto’. Funny thing is that, I’ve never had an issue with getting an interview. Better yet, I’ve never had a problem with landing a position applied for. No worries Rae-Rae with a hairstyle such as yours, you won’t be landing a managerial position anytime soon.