Fetty Wap And French Montana Are Putting Out A Mixtape Together, don’t believe me? Click into the post to See for yourself! #IFWT!

Wondering why Fetty Wap and French Montana have been on so many songs together lately? Well according to French Montana’s brother and Coke Boys president Zack, the pair are collaborating on a mixtape titled ‘Coke Zoo’. Right now, it’s going to be about seven songs and Zack is feature on the ‘Coke Zoo’ project. There have been a few tracks here and there that have been shared online.

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CLICK HERE to listen to Fetty wap and French Montana’s new song ‘Freaky’ and make sure you look out for “Angle” and a bunch of other tracks off this Fetty Wap and French Montana collaboration ‘Coke Zoo’ mixtape!

Written By Eric Scantlebury

Watch French Montana’s brother Zack, the President of Coke boys speak out and reveal this upcoming Fetty Wap and French Montana ‘Coke Zoo’ Mixtape in his interview with Revolt below! #IFWT!