Amir Khan has been rallying for a fight with Floyd Mayweather for quite some time but the undefeated boxer has chosen Marcos Maidana, Manny Pacquiao and Andre Berto all over Khan before retiring.  Well Khan says there’s one reason for that… Mayweather is scared.

The 28-year-old champ is seriously pissed off at Floyd — and Manny Pacquiao — calling them both out for refusing to fight him in the ring and comparing Mayweather to poultry in the process.

“I wanted the Floyd Mayweather fight,” Khan told Boxing News.  “Floyd in a way he chickened out, he didn’t give me the fight. Three years he was saying he was going to give me the fight, then he didn’t give me the fight.”

When the Mayweather fight fell through, Khan turned his attention to Pacquiao but that deal fell apart earlier this month, with Khan claiming Pacman was dragging his feet.

“I am not going to wait around for Manny like I did for Mayweather,” Khan told The National …”I am willing to fight anyone, but it seems not everyone is willing to fight me.”

Most fighters wanted to fight Mayweather for the big pay day that comes with it and I’m sure Khan is no different but he does have a point.  I’m not saying that Mayweather is scared (he’d easily beat Khan) but Khan did win the fan vote Mayweather held prior to his fight against Maidana.  I’m starting to wonder myself why he didn’t fight him.

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source: TMZ Sports