Good news for beer lovers! Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) agreed overnight to merge with SABMiller. BUD bought SABMiller for about $68/share. This makes BUD the largest beer brewer in the world; they will now possess about 1/3 of the beer market. Heineken is second and a bit behind, owning 9% of the market.

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BUD bought SABMiller for about $68/share. Sucks for microbreweries (and hipsters everywhere.) On the bright side, this is an exciting time because of the new opportunity the BUD cash king creates to explore brand new beer recipes.

Beer sales in the U.S. is actually slowing down. But, this merger means that BUD can explore Africa and Australia. We will probably see some new flavors come out of this exploration. For example, Coca Cola makes over 100 flavors worldwide to serve the palettes of different countries.

This merger officially came to the deal makers September 16th. About a month later, here we are.

Editor of Beer Digest, Duane Stanford, had this to say: “People are more interested in diversifying and having more beverage choices. They want different flavors, more rich beers, more imported beers.”

Source: CBS