Super producer (of the past and working his way back up) Scott Storch has been taking the right steps to get his money back on track; 12 steps that is. Storch has completed a court-recommended course on managing his money, and well, he past. It’s time to get back to making the green in order to save it for his future.

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After finding his bank account’s ending balance at at total of $100, Storch decided it was time to file for bankruptcy. While some of us would love to have $100 right now (like myself), bankruptcy is a far reach when your net worth was close to $70 million.

After a judge heard of the music mogul’s expensive drug habit, Storch was ordered to take the course on money management, but now that it’s over with, he can post his certificate of completion on the wall.

Scott S. Storch completed a course on personal financial management given by Internet and telephone by Debt Education and Certification Foundation.

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Storch, 41, can now get back to making hits like “Sorry,” the latest from Rick Ross – Scott’s meal ticket – featuring Chris Brown.