University of Wisconsin won a patent case against Apple. They claimed that the college owned rights to technology improving chip efficiency. Apple used identical technology in its most recent products. The tech giant denies it all. Hit the jump to find out why Apple could pay almost $400 million.

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In 1998, University of Wisconsin patented the technology necessary to improve chip efficiency. Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S all use this technology. So do many tablets Apple makes.

However, Apple has not paid dues to University of Wisconsin for the intellectual property. The court in Madison, Wisconsin confirmed that the school’s Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) patent is valid. WARF filed against Apple back in January 2014, and the case just now sentenced.

Apple declined to comment so far. However, during the case they did please with the US Patent Office to revoke WARF’s patent. The US Patent Office declined.

It is worth considering that WARF also sued Intel for this infringement in 2008 and lost. However, their second lawsuit- the current against Apple- has gone a very different direction. The case targets Apple’s newest chips: A9 and A9X.

Source: NBC