Love and Hip Hop Hollywood has been a hit since it began, giving fans a close look into the personal lives of some of their favorite celebrities. Nothing is off limits when the camera is rolling and apparently the same goes for when the cameras aren’t rolling. Find out how one cast member made it abundantly clear to the world that the relationship is OVER!

Nae McMillan Twitter

Miles and Milan have had it rough since the very beginning of the season. Miles was faced with sharing the news of his homosexuality with very religious family, his fans and friends. He also had to find a to break it off with his longtime on-again/off-again girlfriend. Milan was just there for the ride waiting for his chance to share his love with his lover since he’d come out years prior. I guess the hopes of the pair lasting have been officially shattered.

Following a picture Miles shared on Instagram of him, his boyfriend and his girlfriend blended together with a caption that included “#mylove” Milan took to Instagram to give his old bae a piece of his mind:

Can you stop posting me on your page with your fake ass bullshit. Don’t add me to your story and this pity party you trying to create for yourself. You got two more Mondays and millions of viewers of that shit. No need to bring me on your social media knowing we broke up. You road my name and used me enough don’t you think? Thanks in advance.

The pair recently shared their matching tattoos with the world, hope it wasn’t a waste! Milan has since deleted his post and the pictures of Miles on his Instagram are still getting some shine.

Check out pic of M&M in the gallery!

Source: Instagram