In a recent video former Remy Boyz member P Dice appears to get pressed after disrespecting Fetty Wap. This comes after an interview P Dice completed where he basically called his old squad little girls. He also allegedly had Fetty Wap’s music cut off in a club where he was performing.

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Although faces are’t clear in the video, the sound definitely lets you know what is going on. Seems like he may have been punched out.

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The beef between P Dice and the Remy Boyz began shortly after a musical war with another local New Jersey rapper named Tax G. Tax G had accused Fetty Wap of stealing his style and as many would expect Remy Boyz members came to Fetty’s defense, including P Dice. Dice is responsible for the video that went viral claiming to never having heard a Tax G song. Apparently Tax’s camp didn’t take too well to that claim and according to Dice they pressed the Remy Boyz threatening to go to war with them as a whole or P Dice alone IF they let him out of the group. So to avoid conflict the Remy Boyz let P Dice go. He proceeded to call Fetty Wap his student and make sarcastic remarks about Wap’s relationship with Nit The Grit.

Fetty Wap responded to P Dice in two videos accusing P Dice of being disloyal. He claims that he never really had a close relationship with Dice and that Dice only came around when things took off. He also says that Dice didn’t appear at the smaller venues, only larger events. Fetty sums it up to P Dice being jealous, plain and simple.

This beef has been heating up over the past few days and we’re gonna need it to cool down just a little before it goes too far. Let’s convert all of this anger and bitterness into GOOD MUSIC. This is the perfect opportunity to bring hip hop beef back alive through the music where it belongs, and off of the streets.

Check out the pics of the former friends and group members in the gallery!