New England Patriots star WR Julian Edelman was just asked to list his top 5 wide receivers in the NFL and guess who didn’t make the cut? Dez Bryant.

Edelman was hosting an AMA on Reddit — where he talked about everything from Bill Belichick’s spirit animal (a crow), who’s hotter Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo (Team Tom) and some serious NFL stuff, including, “Who are your top 5 WRs?”

His response:

“odell, jordy nelson, steve smith, julio is a best, demayrius thomas – no particular order just guys that are”

Look, Julian’s entitled to his opinion but Dez led the league in touchdowns last year with 16, three more than anyone else.

Other people who may have a beef with the list, DeAndre Hopkins, A.J. Green, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown.

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