“Nobody said that…” was Oprah’s initial response when she first learned about T.I.’s comments about a woman becoming president. Upon leaving CBS studios in NYC on Wednesday, Oprah was bombarded by fans looking for autographs which gave TMZ photogs a chance to catch up with her find out her thoughts on T.I.’s sexist views.

She was initially shocked to hear the details about the situation from the photog, but after being brought up to speed, Oprah said, “Well, you know what I say to that… I want to say, ‘Honey child, hush your mouth. You don’t know what you’re talking about.’”

LOL! Check out the full video below.

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T.I. has since apologized for his remarks, but after being dragged on social media and deemed “sometimes” sexist by his wife and now told to “hush” Oprah, I’m sure he wishes he kept his mouth shut in the first place.

Source TMZ