Steph Curry may be the reigning MVP but the majority of basketball fans still don’t recognize him as the best player in the world. That title is still saved for Lebron James, who as Vegas might have it, is a pretty strong favorite to win the MVP award this year.


I know Curry and the Warriors are tired of hearing talk that they got lucky winning the title or that Steph got lucky winning the MVP award but if you are truly unbiased, it really is the truth.

Many things happened last year that led to Curry’s rise individually that nobody should expect to happen again this year. Lebron struggled out of the gate last year along with his team. Eventually Bron got on track and made it clear who the best player still was but the Curry bandwagon was just out of control by then.

Add that to the fact Kevin Durant really wasn’t around, which was another opportunity for the media to focus on Steph. You can even still make the case James Harden deserved the award more because he did much more with less considering what Steph had to work with on his team.

Las Vegas agrees that history won’t repeat itself. James himself is now the favorite to win the MVP at 2/1 odds. Another sports book, Bovada, has his odds at 11/4, with Anthony Davis at 4/1, Kevin Durant at 11/2 and Steph Curry at 6/1.

It is much more likely that Bron or Durant will win this year but if the Uni-brow has a great season and his team makes a little noise in the playoffs, he could be a potential winner as well.