Johnny Manziel was reportedly pulled over by police earlier this week after receiving calls of a car driving reckless on the shoulder of the highway. Once police stopped him, they realized they stumbled upon a domestic situation and some alcohol was involved.


The words alcohol and Johnny Manziel being used together in the same sentence is a red flag considering he went to rehab a while ago and by all reports has been a model teammate ever since.

During the stop, cops say Manziel’s girlfriend Colleen Crowley said the couple had been arguing, saying he pushed her head against the window and said she threw a wallet out of the window.

Cops said they noticed an abrasion on Crowley’s arm but determined it was caused by Johnny restraining her when she tried to get out of the car while the car was on the road, this according to the report obtained newsnet5.com.

Crowley reportedly said the two had been drinking in downtown Cleveland earlier in the day. Cops said they did not believe either Johnny or Colleen were intoxicated to the point where they should have been charged with a crime.

Colleen also told cops she did not want to press charges against Johnny. Ultimately, Johnny and Colleen left the scene together without being charged or cited for anything.