Malia Obama spent her weekend like any other teen in America still trying to decide on what college they want to attend. A high-school senior, Malia visited Brown University in Rhode Island for a campus tour. While she was there the 17-year-old proved, first daughter or not she’s still just a teen. Malia was spotted with Secret Service in tow, staying at a friend’s dorm and eating in the dining hall. This all seems pretty routine, until Twitter was buzzing with tweets indicating Malia was at a party on campus.

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Several tweets went out into the twitter-sphere, about Malia Obama being at the campus party and her service detail patrolling the campus, however it wasn’t too big of a deal until this photo popped up on one Snapchat users story that featured Malia Obama possibly playing the ultimate college game, beer pong. This making Malia the coolest in the Obama family.

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Would you want to play beer pong with Malia Obama?

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